Kategorie: CCA – Center for Contemporary Art

Wato Tsereteli – amirani and co

(2013-2015) painting and video 38×44 cm, 30×50 cm

Gio Sumbadze – kaffee , kirsche , blumen

7 photographs each 15×20,5 cm

Kote Sulaberidze – Viennese holidays / visum

2014 canvas, acrylic, 110×160 cm

Nino Sekhniashvili – Posta Haus Restaurant Bath

work in progress digital print, table by Giorgi Zagareli, 2016

Sculptress of Sound

Sound performance, two-channel video installation

Patrick Rieve – Die letzten Fragen

series of 26 drawings/collage as digital print each 21 x 29,7 cm

Kai Rheineck – Blink

measurements: according to the size/proportions/measures of the site (L.: 550 cm, H.: 210, W.: 370)

Michael Pohl – untitled (Tbilisi)

two channel video, looped (20:00min/00:36min)

Nika Machaidze – Merry Go Round #2

Rise of the new gods HD video, 1920 x 1080 H-264

Gvantsa Jishkariani – GEIL! We are far too willing to reject the belief that much of what we see in life is random.

textile, print 140x80x25 cm

Mamuka Japharidze – Subliminal

Subliminal copper, burned wood, glass Alconaut´s Bar TV Destillation glass, TV, wood


International Meeting Point (Pt. 2) collaboration Wallpainting (I.M.P.) by Patrick Rieve

Hörner|Antlfinger – Five Mediations On Taxidermied Animals

black and white photos and texts, glass case 53 cm x 258 cm

Chubika – Love without crime

plexiglass, paint, drawing on wall dimensions variable

Ana & Tamar Chaduneli – guaranteed safety

6 drawings, framed steel construction, monitor recorded video game dimensions variable

Lars Breuer – სიმართლე / EINSAMKEIT

acrylic on wall 399 x 1380 cm

Julia Bünnagel & Lars Breuer – no title

acrylic on wall 307 x 640 cm

Caroline Bayer – Mine

Tower found wood, photo, flag (The golden fleece, fabric, 120 x 80 cm) 120 x 130 x 350 cm Ore showcase, watercolor 75 x 25 x 20 cm